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June Long Weekend in Sydney

Much of Sydney take the opportunity to leave town on a long weekend but for those of us who are left behind, there is still plenty to do.

The following activities are my picks for what to do to make the most out of your three day winter break in Sydney. Continue reading June Long Weekend in Sydney


Singapore Zoo: A Family Holiday on Australia’s Doorstep- Part 3

After a busy few days in Singapore I thought the kids would be tiring however, I couldn’t have been further from the truth. In fact the kids were just building momentum and it seemed they had more energy than ever for our next adventure: Singapore Zoo.

To be absolutely truthful, I wasn’t personally very keen to go to the zoo. I felt that we had been to Taronga Zoo a few times and I thought a zoo is a zoo is a zoo. I thought that there might be more exciting things for us to do that might be more specific to Singapore, but I was out-voted, so Singapore Zoo it was.

The zoo is a little bit out of Singapore CBD but is easy and cheap enough to get to via taxi. The first thing that strikes you about Singapore Zoo is that it doesn’t feel like a zoo at all- it feels like you are wandering around tropical rainforest and you just happen to stumble upon animals in their natural habitat at regular intervals along your way- well that might be a slight exaggeration – there are still Sea Lion shows and Bird Shows, and trams that circle around the Zoo full of tourists but really, it is a very different experience to any other zoo I have visited. Continue reading Singapore Zoo: A Family Holiday on Australia’s Doorstep- Part 3

A Date Day in Cabramatta

Once a year on the Bank Holiday Monday we go on a date day. The kids are dropped off at daycare and we have an entire day to ourselves.

This year we decided to do a self guided food tour in Cabramatta – Australia’s most multicultural postcode where over 70% of the population was born overseas. I had researched various food blogs to get a guide of the best places to go and we set off to explore. As our train got closer to Cabramatta we began to feel more and more as if we were on an overseas holiday. The woman in the seat in front of us was eating sticky rice out of a banana leaf and we were the only ones of the carriage speaking English- we felt instantly transported to South East Asia and we had only travelled 40 minutes on the train!

Continue reading A Date Day in Cabramatta