Top 3 Ways to Keep Warm this Weekend

We are being warned of a “bone chilling” cold snap this weekend, which will give many an excuse to lock themselves away at home with the heater on and a hot cup of tea. But, if like me you still want to get out and about but don’t want to sacrifice your warmth, here’s my top 3 ways to keep warm in Sydney this weekend.

1. Fireplace, a hot Christmas lunch & some live music

With its sandstone walls, fireplaces in every room and fun live bands, the Hero of Waterloo is one of the most atmospheric pubs in Sydney, as well as being one of the oldest. All through July, their restaurant is offering a special Christmas in July set menu with all the trimmings- the perfect way to spend a cold winter’s afternoon.


Enjoy a warming glass of red wine by the fireplace and let Christmas lunch digest while you enjoy the live band from 2pm-6pm on both Saturday and Sunday. The Old Time Band is a mainstream trad and swing band, and an institution at the Hero of Waterloo. Led by Johhny Wray, who played in swing and trad bands in London during the 50s, and Valda Marshall, who plays the trumpet, cornet, saxophone and flugelhorn.


2. Slurp up some warming Pho


On a cold winters day the best thing to do is to warm up from the inside out and what better to do that than soup? Add some chilli and you’ll be feeling toasty in no time. Pho is a great go to soup for exactly this reason and some of the best Pho can be found in Cabramatta, Canley Vale and Marrickville.

Beef Pho at Pho Tau Bay
Beef Pho at Pho Tau Bay
Freedom Plaza in Cabramatta

Check out my blog about our food tour in Cabramatta, or you could try Pho Hien restaurant in Canley Vale or PHD in Marrickville.

3. Hot chocolate is always a winner on a cold day
I let my fingers do the walking on this one and I have scoured the internet for the best hot chocolates in Sydney. Here’s what I found. Rustic Pearl is Surry Hills do a pretty good hot chocolate from what I have read, making it to the top of a couple of online top 10 lists. Served in either a cup ($5) or a bowl ($6), their citrus and orange blossom creation is apparently “so deliciously fragrant it feels like you’re gradually perfuming your insides with every sip of the floral-chocolate brew“. I hear the rosewater version is also well worth a try.


Cafe Shenkin in Erskineville is a popular Israeli-inspired eatery that makes an utterly divine sounding coconut hot chocolate. Let’s put it this way: if you like Bounty bars, and I do, I have been told this hot chocolate is essentially Bounty-in-liquid-form. They use Belgian chocolate flakes which is always a good sign. Sounds like a place to check out.


Apparently walking into Coco Chocolate‘s cosy Kirribilli store feels a bit like walking onto the set of Lasse Hallström’s Chocolat, sans Juliette Binoche. Using organically farmed cocoa and no palm oil, this place is an ethical treasure trove. There’s an extensive hot chocolate menu, including their award-winning rose and black pepper organic dark hot chocolate.



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