Living in Sydney – A Travellers Dream

Travel is addictive. For anyone who has spent any length of time travelling overseas or around Australia, the constant learning, new experiences, being exposed to different lifestyles, and meeting new like-minded people can be like a drug. When you begin to feel more familiar with a place, you know it is time to move on to the next destination to seek out that thrill again. It can be exhausting, but you feel so enriched and exhilarated by it that stopping in one place to ‘rest’ and take a break from the constant travel can quickly make you feel bored and longing for that next travel ‘hit’.

For some, travel is something they are happy to leave behind as a fond memory from their twenties and fodder for dinner party storytelling. They find comfort in the routine and security of suburban family life.

I couldn’t be more happy and grateful for the life we have created with our family here in Sydney but, travel is something I miss. But it is not travel for travel’s sake. It is the real-life learning, the new experiences, and meeting like-minded people that I often long for. I quickly get bored with routine and familiarity and while I like to visit the comfort of ‘normality’ from time to time, I prefer to create a life that recreates the features I love about long-term travel.

We live in an amazing world-class city with so much to offer. The last couple of weeks have proven to be a great example of what I mean to recreate these features of travel in the city I live.


  • I have been able to explore the amazing light installations at the Museum of Contemporary Art and been exposed to different perspectives and innovative ideas.


  • Our family discovered for the first time the beautiful Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park and enjoyed a picnic and a bush walk beneath the rainforest canopy and past the remains of traditional Aboriginal middens.


  • We ate out in a newly opened restaurant by world-renowned chef, Jamie Oliver in a suburb of Sydney we have never before spent much time in.
  • I enjoyed a stroll through the stunning Royal Botanic Gardens by Sydney’s sparkling harbour.
  • I was privileged to be a part of events that provided me with the opportunity to meet inspiring social entrepreneurs creating change in our communities and hear their amazing stories first-hand.


  • I attended TEDxSydney where people I met had travelled from Canada, Europe and across Australia to be in the Concert Hall in the Sydney Opera House, as I was, to hear a range of accomplished experts in their field share their inspiring stories of innovation, challenge and change. We experienced a range of music and entertainment from Guinea in West Africa, Sweden and India.


  • We were exposed to ‘rebel food‘ that stretched our existing beliefs about food. We ate ants and crickets, salads made from carrot peel and rescued produce, pigs ears and prawn heads. I spent the breaks meeting and talking to fellow attendees about life, purpose and the futures we want to create. I left TEDxSydney inspired and motivated and walked out to see a preview of the Vivid Sydney festival- the most amazing, innovative and creative (and free!) light festival I have ever experienced.


I headed home last night feeling incredibly grateful to live in this spectacular, ever-changing, creative and innovative world-class city. Unlike when you travel internationally long term, I have a happy and healthy extended family whom I adore (and who adore me), good friends close-by who I know are there when I need them, a job I love that earns me just enough money to feel comfortable to create a life I enjoy.

I may not be travelling, but I am damn well lucky to live in a city where I have the opportunity to create the experiences of travel that I love whenever I decide to make the effort to take advantage of them.


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