Singapore: A Family holiday on Australia’s Doorstep- Part 4

This is the final blog in the Singapore series. We had such a great family holiday and our final day did not disappoint. We wandered down to Clarke Quay to catch a River Cruise that could take us the scenic route to the Marina Bay Sands. After a short wait for more tourists to arrive, we boarded the River Boat.


The kids were really excited to get on the boat and I was really excited to watch them discover the cityscape from the water….…but then the TV tourist guide kicked in! The TV program showed vision of all the same attractions we were cruising past and gave an interesting history of each place but… it was on TV… we were there in real life! I wanted the kids to experience and appreciate the city, not the TV show!

Dragged away from the TV to see the city
Dragged away from the TV to see the city

We soon arrived at the Marina Bay Sands and it was only a short walk to Gardens by the Bay– a beautifully landscaped garden with plenty to explore including a fantastic water play space for kids- perfect for the hot Singapore weather. The water play park is located in the Far East Organisation Children’s Garden only a short walk past the Malay, Chinese and Indian Gardens.

Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay

All I can say is it was a hit. There is an water play area for toddlers and another for older kids right next to each other and a ‘rainforest treehouse’ play area. It kept the kids entertained for hours. There is a cafe onsite with basic food and snacks- not amazing but enough to fill hungry tummies.



After lunch we wandered over to the Flower Dome. There are two domes to explore but, knowing that we were already probably pushing our luck with one more activity, we settled with just the one. The girls were in awe of the space, the array of colours, flowers, baobab trees, succulents and amazing sculptures. The dome was busy but the girls loved checking out all the gorgeous orchids and instructing me to take photos of their favourites. Although it comes at a cost, I would recommend checking out the domes- I really enjoyed it.

The view of the Flower Dome from the second floor
The view of the Flower Dome from the 2nd floor


After returning home for a rest (we were hopeful that the kids might sleep, but no) we jumped in a taxi early evening to head back to the Gardens by the Bay for dinner at Indochine on top of the largest Supertree in the Gardens. What a great place to go on our last night in Singapore – a great view of the iconic Marina Bay Sands as the sun set, a cocktail and a selection of tasty morsels. To add to the experience, the ‘menu’ delivered to our table was in fact an iPad that we could peruse and select the items we wished to order- the kids (and their dad) loved this! We chose to eat at 7pm on the balcony, the restaurant was quiet which meant we didn’t feel like the kids making noise and getting restless would annoy anyone.

The view from Indochine
The view from Indochine

Just as we finished our meal the Supertrees lit up and we could hear the Garden Rhapsody light and sound display starting. There are some moments that you know right then and there are going to stay with you for ever. What came next was one of those moments. My four year old came out of the lift at the Supertree and her eyes lit up when she four herself in the middle of Supertree Gove and in the middle of the light show – she was completely in awe.


We found a place to sit among the assembled crowd and she just scanned the lights, her mouth agape and finally turned to me and said: “This is the most amazing thing I ever didded!” My heart melted. What a trip!


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