Girls day out at Art & About Sydney

Spring has sprung in Sydney and with the sun out it was a gorgeous day to explore one of Sydney’s many festivals: Art & About. It was just myself and the two girls (with dad away on a Bucks) and it was really nice to spend some time with them exploring the artworks.

IMG_6478   IMG_6480

First stop was Project Five, Volume Six at Darling Quarter. Project Five promotes inclusive, accessible arts and is the longest-running and most popular street art event in Sydney. The girls loved exploring the large scale artworks and each of them were happy running between them and taking photos (in between walking along the edge of the garden wall and testing the temperature of the water in the fountain!) Continue reading Girls day out at Art & About Sydney


Singapore: A Family holiday on Australia’s Doorstep- Part 4

This is the final blog in the Singapore series. We had such a great family holiday and our final day did not disappoint. We wandered down to Clarke Quay to catch a River Cruise that could take us the scenic route to the Marina Bay Sands. After a short wait for more tourists to arrive, we boarded the River Boat.


The kids were really excited to get on the boat and I was really excited to watch them discover the cityscape from the water…. Continue reading Singapore: A Family holiday on Australia’s Doorstep- Part 4

Singapore Zoo: A Family Holiday on Australia’s Doorstep- Part 3

After a busy few days in Singapore I thought the kids would be tiring however, I couldn’t have been further from the truth. In fact the kids were just building momentum and it seemed they had more energy than ever for our next adventure: Singapore Zoo.

To be absolutely truthful, I wasn’t personally very keen to go to the zoo. I felt that we had been to Taronga Zoo a few times and I thought a zoo is a zoo is a zoo. I thought that there might be more exciting things for us to do that might be more specific to Singapore, but I was out-voted, so Singapore Zoo it was.

The zoo is a little bit out of Singapore CBD but is easy and cheap enough to get to via taxi. The first thing that strikes you about Singapore Zoo is that it doesn’t feel like a zoo at all- it feels like you are wandering around tropical rainforest and you just happen to stumble upon animals in their natural habitat at regular intervals along your way- well that might be a slight exaggeration – there are still Sea Lion shows and Bird Shows, and trams that circle around the Zoo full of tourists but really, it is a very different experience to any other zoo I have visited. Continue reading Singapore Zoo: A Family Holiday on Australia’s Doorstep- Part 3