Picnic and a Paddleboat in Lane Cove National Park

Another gorgeous winters day and the family was itching to get out amongst it… well at least I was! I didn’t want to drive too far but I longed for a day in nature so we decided to pack a picnic lunch and head to Lane Cove National Park.

Because it was a 21 degree day with blue skies and sunshine there were a lot of people out cycling and BBQing, but it wasn’t busy, it was just enough to give the place a bit of buzz. I always love doing these outings in winter because places are so much quieter than in summer. You can always get a car-park, you get a choice of picnic tables, there’s no queues and everything is just a little more relaxed.

Picnic time!
Picnic time!

The girls were first to jump out of the car and run after the ducks- they love the open space. We found a beautiful spot in the mottled sun to lay down the picnic blanket on the bank of the river overlooking the weir and the fish ladder. With a selection of cold meat, cheeses and strawberries… but alas, no wine, we enjoyed a lovely lunch in the sun. It didn’t take long for the ducks to spot the food and descend on our picnic spot…much to the girls’ delight.

Such a gorgeous picnic spot
Such a gorgeous picnic spot
Feeding the ducks
Feeding the ducks

After lunch, and an explore down the bush track spotting kookaburras, cockatoos, lorikeets and one lizard, it was time to paddleboat! The girls were really excited to put on their life jackets and step into the boat and before we knew it we were cycling our legs and paddle-boating down the river. The scenery is gorgeous, the water was like glass and the reflections of the clouds and the trees looked stunning on the water. The girls loved spotting the ducks from the boat but before long they wanted to get in on the action and begged to have a go at steering…

The good old family paddle boat ride... it has to be done!
The good old family paddle boat ride… it has to be done!

Well… luckily none of the families in row boats were close by because we were zig-zagging down the river with the girls in charge and refusing any of our many offers of help. When we weren’t criss-crossing we were doing donuts! The girls loved it!

After the ‘thrill’ of paddle-boating it was ice-creams all round before heading back home to the inevitable chores and preparations for the working week ahead.

A well deserved ice-cream
A well deserved ice-cream

5 thoughts on “Picnic and a Paddleboat in Lane Cove National Park”

  1. just had a look at your doorstep travel. Absolutely great. You certainly see a lot of special places and your descriptions are mindblowing. You should take up writing, Shannon-you have a gift for it.


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