A day as a tourist in Surry Hills

As we approach the Bank holiday on 4th August I am reminded of the same day last year and it brings a smile to my face. With both kids still heading to daycare for the day, my husband took the day off work to join me on a ‘date day’ to explore Surry Hills through the eyes of a tourist.

We began the day with breakfast at Bills on Crown Street. Being a Monday it was super quiet, just a few people grabbing their morning coffee. Our food was great- the crab, chorizo & house kim chee fried brown rice is not your usual breakfast option but it was my highlight.

Surry Hills  has such a great vibe and is great for people watching; exploring the many boutiques full of unique and vintage clothes; shops full of interesting and different curiosities; cafes, bars and restaurants with fantastic designer interiors as well as those with a more hipster vibe full of repurposed furniture… it is a feast for the senses!

So, we wandered Crown Street to explore all of the above, taking impulsive detours down laneways to see some of the street art that has become a feature of the area. For the first time in a long time way had the luxury of time- as places sparked our interest we would wander in  without looking at the clock- just like on holiday!

We grabbed a pastry and a coffee at Kurtosh, explored a couple of local galleries then we took a seat at the window at The Colombian on Oxford Street and kicked back with a pre-midday drink and a spot of people watching- if that doesn’t spell holiday I don’t know what does!

Not wanting to waste a minute of our day, we finished our drinks and wandered down the back streets of Surry Hills to Movida for lunch…such a treat! Again, there is nothing better than a holiday lunch when you don’t have to rush back to the office or home to relieve babysitters. We could just sit back, enjoy the great food and most of all enjoy each others company.

With the waiters bringing us the bill and clearing up around us it was time to move on and with the winter sun shining we strolled back up to Crown Street. A trip to Surry Hills isn’t complete without sampling the famous Gelato Messina so we did our duty and joined the crowds soaking up some rays in a local park complete with live music in a local busker. Such a relaxed vibe and a great afternoon.

But wait… there’s more! All that sunshine inspired a visit to The Winery  for a glass or two in the sun to finish our one-day holiday before the reality of daycare pick up set back in.

I throughly recommend Surry Hills as your next Doorstep Travel destination!



2 thoughts on “A day as a tourist in Surry Hills”

    1. Sorry no, it was a year ago. Not too far back from Crown Street though. You might like to check outhttp://www.innerwestlifestyle.com.au/category/street-art for great street art in the inner west though


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